"Hwa Music Library" Lifetime License Agreement

Your use of Hwa Music Library is granted only on the condition that you agree to all of the terms stated in this agreement.

  • Article 1
    In this agreement, the Hwa Music Library refers to those musical works whose copyright and neighboring rights are owned by Hwa Studio Inc.
    (hereinafter, "Hwa"), and which are compiled by Hwa into music collections under "HWA MUSIC LIBRARY". Hwa grants User the right to use the musical work(s)
    of the Hwa Music Library specified in Article 2 of this Agreement.
  • Article 2
    As stated in this agreement, Hwa grants the User the right to use the work (hereinafter, "HML") in the Hwa Music Library on the condition that the User pays
    the cost specified in Article 9 herein. The Works mentioned in the article refers to the ones that the User orders and downloads using the Hwa Music Library
    download service (
  • Article 3
    Hwa warrants User that HML consists entirely of Hwa's original work, for which Hwa owns the copyright and the neighboring rights, as well as all right
    necessary to grant permission for use under this agreement. Moreover, Hwa warrants to the User that there shall be no objections by third parties
    regarding copyright and/or neighboring copyrights. Should there be any objections occur, Hwa shall take full responsibility for their resolution.
  • Article 4
    This agreement grants the User non-exclusive rights to the use of the HML as described herein. Rights, including but not limited to copyrights, neighboring rights and master recording rights for the HML, remain at Hwa under this Agreement.
  • Article 5
    The User shall have the non-exclusive right to use HML except for the prohibited actions listed in Articles 6 and 7 herein. There are no restrictions on
    HML's usage territory
  • Article 6
    Regarding the use of HML, the following actions are strictly prohibited without prior written approval from Hwa: (1) To sell, loan, give, or distribute HML to
    a third party in any tangible or intangible form, or in any form whatsoever, and (2) to reproduce and/or copy HML in any form whatsoever. However, Hwa shall
    permit HML to be recorded as background music together with images in video clip, or to be recorded as background music together with narration, or to be
    recorded as background music on multimedia works.
  • Article 7
    The User shall not edit HML without Hwa's prior written permission. Also, the User shall obtain Hwa's prior written permission for the following HML uses:
    (1) separate recording of HML, (2) separate performances of HML, (3) adaptations, such as for separate musical arrangements, and (4) usage for score work or publication, as well as in any other musical works that would constitute intangible copyright works of HML.
  • Article 8
    The User is obligated to maintain adequate control over all parts of HML as delivered by Hwa to prevent a third party from using HML in an unauthorized manner during the term of this agreement.
  • Article 9
    The User hereby agrees to pay Hwa for the use of the HML according to the cost specified on the Hwa Music Library website upon each order.
  • Article 10
    This agreement shall remain in effect until the expiration of all copyrights relating to HML or until the expiration of the neighboring rights relating to HML,
    whichever should expire the latest, as stipulated under Korean Copyright Law.
  • Article 11
    In case the User violates the clauses of Article 6 and/or 7 herein concerning HML usage, Hwa may cancel this Agreement without prior notice. The User shall not use all elements of the HML in its possession and immediately return them to Hwa once it gets the notification about the issues. The User shall lose all rights
    to claim a refund of any fee paid in advance.
  • Article 12
    If User violates the clauses in Article 6 and/or 7 herein, the User shall pay Hwa an amount that equals fifty times the amount of the cost specified in Article 8 of
    this agreement as a penalty. Moreover, Hwa shall reserve the right to claim additional compensation from the User for all damages which occur from said
  • Article 13
    Any disputes related to this agreement shall come under the jurisdiction of the Seoul Central District Court and shall be governed and construed under the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Soo Im, Hwang
Hwa Studio Inc.
14 Gukhoe-daero 62-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL: +82 2 786 4914

I hereby certify that I agree to and will observe all the terms above for permission to use Hwa Music Library.

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